Inspection - Evaluation - Documentation

The development of new plants and machines involves highly complex processes as well as the verification or optimization of existing technical facilities. Our engineering office is able to implement your projects on time and to promote them with our knowledge and our many years of experience in various fields of application.

From the idea, the concept development, the construction up to the technical documentation: We support your projects in Germany or internationally - professionally and with cost awareness.

What makes us special?


Know how

Knowledge offhand - de facto our major value

At shorter intervals, regulations and standards increase the requirements in plant engineering and mechanical engineering. Extensive documentation requirements, calculation analysis evidence and measures to improve and control the product quality are required. These requirements must be considered in advance in the planning and design process.



Your time is precious - we are on schedule and accurate

Development times for equipment, planning times for the creation of new plants and their realization have shortened dramatically. In addition, the international markets have grown together, so that international standards must be safely mastered.


Cost awareness

Not for every price -
it has to be worthwhile for everyone